100 - 1,000 Employees

WeLab’s story, fittingly, started at a bank. In 2013, a team of visionary bankers saw the inefficiencies of traditional banks and their inability to make credit accessible and simple for all consumers. So, they left their banking jobs and started WeLab. Ever since, WeLab has been focused on one ambitious vision – bringing joy to your financial journey. Because why shouldn’t your journey with money be anything less than enjoyable? Money is essential and a constant in our lives and you deserve to have a positive and fun experience with it!

With this vision, we then embarked on a journey to improve lives through game-changing technology and innovation. Leveraging big-data powered technology and our know-how in risk management, we are revolutionizing lending by delivering seamless, purely online lending experiences accessible 24/7 to underserved consumers. But lending is only our first step and only one part of your financial journey. We aim to offer a broader spectrum of financial products and services that our customers love by continuously leveraging our technology and expertise in creating customer-centric experiences.

Today, we have over 800 employees and operate market-leading online consumer credit platforms across 3 markets – WeLend in Hong Kong, WeLab Digital in Mainland China and Maucash in Indonesia. Beyond the 40+ million users who have achieved financial freedom through our consumer platforms, we have empowered hundreds of millions more through our enterprise solutions. We have become a leading technology enabler, providing the consumer lending technology we developed to leading banks and institutions, helping them launch their own fintech product and services.

Our journey has just begun. With our tech-enabled model, we are serving people’s financial needs at every life stage. We are continuing this journey by launching WeLab Bank, Hong Kong’s only homegrown virtual bank, to offer a wide range of digital financial product offerings to democratize banking and make banking fun. We continue to work tirelessly, every single day, to provide greater convenience and accessibility to financial services.

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100 - 1,000 Employees