Danske Bank launches more eco-friendly payment card

Danske Bank has now taken the step to phase out existing payment cards and replace them with new more eco-friendly payment cards made from 86% recycled plastic.

Danske Bank will soon begin issuing payment cards produced from recycled plastic, with the ultimate goal of replacing all existing plastic payment cards currently used by Danske Bank customers.

After a period of thorough testing, the first more eco-friendly payment cards are now in production, and the first customers can expect to start using them early in the new year. With its new initiative, Danske Bank becomes one of the first banks in the world to issue payment cards made of recycled plastic.

The more eco-friendly payment cards consist of 86% recycled plastic. Among other things, better recycling of plastics means reduced CO2 emissions and less plastic waste ending up in our natural and marine environments. Accordingly, the transition from the standard plastic payment cards to the new recycled plastic payment cards will contribute to a better environment.

Rene Thejsen, Head of cards and consumer payments, Danske Bank

As part of our social impact agenda, we’re working hard to promote sustainable development and to have a positive impact on society. We’re well aware that our more eco-friendly payment cards aren’t going to solve the world’s climate challenges, but they are a small step in the right direction. And it’s yet one more measure in the range of eco-friendly initiatives that Danske Bank is currently implementing.

Each year, around six billion payment cards are produced worldwide, and this number is further augmented by all the other types of plastic cards such as gift cards and key cards. Making the transition to more eco-friendly produced cards offers a huge potential for saving the environment from the burden of large amounts of non-degradable plastics.

Initially, the new more eco-friendly cards will be launched for Danske Bank's Pocket Money solution, which is aimed at children between 8 and 14 years of age. After a trial period, the new recycled plastic cards will begin to replace the standard plastic payment cards –both Visa/Dankort and Mastercard – for all customers. This will be achieved through the issuance of new cards and by the ongoing replacement of cards that expire – existing plastic payment cards will continue to be used by customers until they are due for replacement.

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