Digital Banking Weekly #59

23rd August 2020 - 30th August 2020

🌐 Global cross-border payments company WorldRemit announced it has agreed to acquire Sendwave, an app-based remittance company 🔗 Read more

🇬🇧 TiPJAR, a UK-based cashless and contactless tipping platform has successfully secured nearly 500.000 through crowdfunding platform 🔗 Read more

🛰️ India's Icici Bank is using satellite imaging to assess the credit-worthiness of farmers applying for loans 🔗 Read more

🎮  Gaming company Razer is hoping to introduce a digital banking business overseas, even as it awaits the outcome of its application for a digital full bank licence in Singapore 🔗 Read more

🇪🇺 How Europe's digital banks are taking on the US 🔗 Read more

😱 Japan is running out of 16-digit credit card numbers amid a government effort to encourage electronic payments and a surge in online shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic 🔗 Read more

🦠 Study: In a Mastercard study of small businesses across North America, 76% say the pandemic prompted them to become more digital, with 82% changing how their business sends and receives payments 🔗 Read more

🇨🇭 Swiss challenger bank neon raises €4.6 million for faster growth 🔗 Read more

🇪🇺 JCB, a Japan-based global payment brand, announced it has extended its partnership with Greece-based digital payments provider Viva Wallet in Europe 🔗 Read more

🇨🇭 Credit Suisse will introduce a new digital offering and a future-oriented branch concept at the end of October 🔗 Read more

💸  Visa invests in MagicCube's contactless SoftPOS & PIN platform and its differentiating Software Defined Trust (SDT) 🔗 Read more

🧑‍💻 Citi’s $900 million misfire happened during software switch 🔗 Read more

🇩🇪 Apple Pay support goes live for Germany's Sparkasse debit girocard 🔗 Read more

💰 Digital bank startup Copper raises $4.3M to help teens learn how to spend and save money 🔗 Read more

🏠 Hammock, a new neobank built specifically for landlords, has raised £1 million in seed investment from Fuel Ventures and Ascension Ventures 🔗 Read more

🇫🇷 Neobank startup for young people Vybe to be launched in France 🔗 Read more

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