Estonian fintech startup SPARQ launched

Tallinn headquartered SPARQ is releasing its much-anticipated MVP application.

SPARQ, an innovative personal finance platform headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, is releasing its much-anticipated MVP application. After months of validating the concept and testing the app, SPARQ’s time has finally come! Current users will need to update their application to use the new one.

Smart, engaging and visually appealing, the SPARQ app encourages users to take control of their finances. SPARQ comes with a bank account, gives users the opportunity to earn and spend QPoints, and offers free and instant money transfers across the European Union with the help of our partners UAB “Payrnet”.

This MVP version has many exciting features, but there are more to come in the next two to three months, including analytics tools for users, QPoints, and the highly practical and intuitive SPARQ dashboard, which allows users to track their daily spending and monthly bills so they can better plan their financial life.

Danila Belokons, SPARQ CEO and founder

It took us two years to get here. An idea that sounded crazy a few years ago is now entering the world. It’s extremely important for us to share the concept of SPARQ with the world, so everyone has the opportunity to become the hero of their own financial journey! We want to demonstrate that personal finance management creates security and peace of mind, both in yourself and in your financial life. Anyone can choose to take control of their finances, no matter where they are or what they earn. There’s so much to do and so little time! Many thanks to the whole team for contributing to an outstanding creative culture and offering tremendous support. I also want to thank our early adopters, who believed in us and actively participated in product improvement discussions. Kudos to the investors, advisors, friends, family, and everyone who has been involved in the process of shaping a culture of effective money management. It’s time to SPARQ!

SPARQ is rewarding its loyal early adopters with several Early Adopter Pack benefits. These include a free limited-edition physical card, which comes in a unique design and is only available to the first 5000 users. Early adopters will also receive a lifetime discount on the SPARQ’s services when they purchase their first subscription.

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