Fintech 2030: The Industry View

A great report, prepared by Tribe Payments, asking an important question: How fintech industry will look like in 2030?

How fintech industry will look like in 2030? Will banks remain the biggest players or will they be usurped by big tech? Will data replace transactions as the primary revenued river for the industry? Has innovation peaked, or just getting started?

Tribe Payments prepared amazing report and looking for answer to those questions. Tribe Payments brought together 15 leading businesses from across the fintech community to provide their vision of fintech in 2030. Each is a market leader in its part of the fintech ecosystem, and together these form a fascinating glimpse into the future—from those who are creating it. They also surveyed over a hundred executives in the European fintech sector—including their contributors—to gather insights into the wider market landscape in a decade's time.

The combination of in-depth sector specific predictions and data-driven macro industry insights gives us Fintech 2030: The Industry View. Here are some key findings from the report, and you can download the full report link below.

2020, while being a year full of uncertainty, hasn’t dampened fintech professionals enthusiasm for innovation. Only 14.4% of respondents thought that innovation and change has now either peaked or plateaued. An overwhelming 85.6% saw the next decade of fintech building on the first, with fintechs not only continuing to innovate, but that innovation accelerating. This is understandable, as we haven’t seen the full impact of blockchain technology, many systems haven’t changed at the core, and there are technologies that are still in their infancy, such as AI.

How will funding for fintechs change over the next decade?

40% of professionals believe more investment will go to fintechs that address Environmental, Social and Governance challenges by 2030.

In search of scale

  • Fintechs expect banks to stick around, rather than be replaced.
  • Both banks and tech giants are expected to work with fintechsto provide services.
  • Fintechs need to scale, and partnership with these rivals islikely the answer.

What will be the role of banks in 2030?

Only 7.2 percent believes that banks will be exactly the same as today.

What will the role of big tech players (Amazon, Facebook and Google) be in fintech in 2030?

8.8 percent of fintech professionals believe the big tech players will dominate the fintech market in 10 years. Most of the participants think that they will be suppliers and aggregators of banks and fintech services.

What do you think about the following fintech sub-sectors? Select the top three that will transform the most from now by 2030, and the top three that will attract the most funding

A financial crisis following COVID-19 is predicted by many. What will be theeffect of this for fintechs over the next decade?

Are you interested in downloading the full report? Please visit and download the full report.

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