IUDÚ, Banco Supervielle’s new fintech has been launched in Argentina

This initiative consists of a 100% digital application that allows you to request personal loans, credit cards and self-manage payments.

There is no doubt that during the pandemic there was an increase in the use of remote financial tools. Because of this situation, Argentina, LATAMs third largest market for investments in the FinTech industry —only surpassed by Mexico and Brazil–, welcomes a new solution: IUDÚ.

IUDÚ seeks to provide the most complete offer of digital banking services, and as we have commented previously, it is totally online.

In the short term, the option of making transfers to other accounts or wallets and the payment of services through “IUDÚ Pago” will be enabled, and both IUDÚ and IUDÚ Pago will work as an ecosystem, and it is important to remember that the latter is focused on retailers, to allow them to sell products or services with a card.

Becoming a client and requesting products is done immediately, in an agile and secure manner, with just a few simple steps: entering only the ID and validating your identity card through a selfie.

On the other hand, in case the user requires a personalized attention, they can request it quickly through the app's chat or through the IUDÚ social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

“The launch of IUDÚ allows us to complement the offer of products and services to a wide segment of clients and, in this way, continue to evolve and generate greater ease and immediacy to solve personal finances and promote financial education with tools that help in the decision-making process”, said Patricio Supervielle, CEO of Grupo Supervielle.

Martín Monteverdi, CEO of IUDÚ, shared: "The context accelerated the massification of digital financial services, especially with regard to virtual wallets and digital accounts. In light of this, our commitment is to provide a comprehensive offer, in order to facilitate access to digital banking services and contribute to the development of people through simple, agile and clear humanized technological solutions so that they can carry out their projects ".

"In this line, IUDÚ was born, with the intention of initially meeting the current demand for credit products such as personal loans and credit cards, two financial products that most contribute to the economic reactivation of the country," he added.

To conclude, the digital banking and FinTech sector is experiencing exponential growth, and Argentina is becoming a benchmark in this area in LATAM.

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