Mox released a snapshot of their first month

Mox is a month old and Hong Kong-based virtual bank released an infographic about how they perform in their first month.

Mox, new virtual bank in Hong Kong backed by Standard Chartered, released snapshot of their first month and they announced how they perform in very transparent way. Infographic first seen on Mox CEO Deniz Güven's LinkedIn profile.

Some key figures about how Mox performed in their first month and you can see infographic below:

  • Mox account opening record: 2 minutes and 57 seconds.
  • 55%+ accounts are opened outside traditional bank hours.
  • Most of  customers make deposits on Day 1 with Mox and their average deposit balance HKD 70.000+ (approx. $9.000)
  • Mox become ttthe highest rated and most reviewev virtual bank in Hong Kong
  • More than 35.000 customers entrolled in the first month of the Mox.

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