Online banking solution from attorneys to attorneys: Esquire Bank

Esquire Bank offers tailor-made solutions to the legal industry and small businesses.

Esquire Bank founded by attorneys to provide financial solutions to other attorneys in 2006 in New York. Esquire Financial Holdings is the parent company of the Esquire Bank and its shares are traded in Nasdaq as ESQ, with a market cap of $117.3 Million. Esquire Bank can empathize with the issues of their customers thanks to their background. They offer to provide the capital that attorneys need to finance their case costs and grow their businesses.  Uniquely, Esquire Bank accepts attorneys’ cases as collateral for their lending. Esquire Bank offers Esquire Insight to the law firms, a helpful tool to analyze and run law firms as a business. Esquire Insight provides current case inventory’s value, fee revenue by attorney and lots of free reports to its users. It also has data tools to get more insights of the data. Lastly, it has its own loan calculator to assess the users with their case inventory value, to borrow money to the users.

They are also offering digital banking solutions to businesses and financing solutions to commercial real estate transactions. Users can manage their accounts, pay their bills, transfer funds between accounts or do wire transfers online with the help of the Esquire’s online and mobile banking facilities. In addition to that, they provide cash management and remote deposit services.

Esquire Bank offers cash management solutions like Remote Check Deposit and Positive Pay. They are offering online deposit checks 24/7 into their business checking accounts, consolidate and improve funds and an improved fraud protection to their customers with the Remote Check Deposit. And Positive Pay aims to reduce the errors and fraud activities before checks are paid.

Esquire Bank announced its new brand image and website on 5 October 2020. Their new website transforms their online customer functionality and provides banking contents like online account opening, full account management and loan application capabilities. Esquire Bank also announced its new customer centric CRM system built on the Salesforce platform.

Andrew C. Sagliocca, President and CEO  

Esquire's industry leading performance metrics in 2019 once again placed us among the top performing financial services companies in the country. We are extremely excited to announce today's launch, modernizing our digital capabilities and enabling our website as well as our brand elements to keep pace with our industry leading achievements and our unique products and services.

Martin Korn, Senior Vice President and CTO

The new Esquire Brand will be transformational for our Company, our customers and perspective customers across our target markets. Our goal is to ensure that the markets we serve view our Company as a leading financial and technology provider in the industry, reinforcing the values that have set Esquire apart throughout our history.

Kyall Mai, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer:

The foundation of our success continues to be our unique culture and approach to customer service where our clients find a formidable forward-thinking ally who always makes their business and its success our top priority. Our Esquire Brand embodies these differentiators and will carry our Company and customers through the next decade and beyond.

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