Revolut Business is now live in Australia

Revolut officially launched Revolut Business in Australia! This app is full of powerful, personalised tools to get ultimate control over your company finances.

Revolut is seeking to offer clients in Australia with international payments-focused business accounts to target both retail and corporate clients. According to a another report from The Australian, neobanking startup is looking to expand its digital asset services to a wide range of financial services and planning to apply a banking license in Australia.

Send and receive payments to Revolut Business accounts at home and worldwide, in seconds and without fees

Exchanging and transferring money worldwide with your business partners is about to get a whole lot better. For starters, payments and transfers between Revolut accounts – business or personal – have no cost in the same currency. You’ll also get total clarity on your payments with easy approvals, custom spending limits, and real-time notifications. Always know where your money’s going so you can spend smarter, without the hassle.

Save money on currency exchange

If your partners aren’t with Revolut Business yet, that’s not a problem. With us, you can make fast, transparent, and cost-effective money transfers to your partners in 100+ countries. We’re all about connecting you to the rest of the world so you can do business without thinking about borders.

Do you deal with multiple currencies? We’ve got the tools for that too. Exchange 25+ currencies at great rates so you never have to worry about having the right currency for your next deal. That’s right, getting hit with high fees when you exchange money is a thing of the past.

Get accounts in multiple currencies

We go way beyond just great currency exchange. You can hold 25+ currencies with our multi-currency accounts too. Often paying suppliers in Euro? We’ve got an account for that. Set up as many sub-accounts in each currency as you want so you won’t need to exchange with each deal. Don’t let time-consuming and expensive currency exchange weigh you down.

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