Revolut rolls out HR platform "Revolut People" to more than 300 firms

Back in early December 2023, Revolut launched their own internal HR tool for other companies' usage. According to FNLondon, over 325 companies join the waitlist for using Revolut People.

Revolut People is a platform that integrates all HR tools in one place. It has been tested and perfected on Revolut's workforce of over 7,500 employees. This platform supports every stage of the employee journey. Revolut People processes approximately 1.4 million job applications annually.

The platform includes various modules such as HR, Performance, and Recruitment. It encompasses everything from payroll to time off, KPIs to performance management, and from hiring planning to interviews.

Revolut People positions itself as a budget-friendly and business-ready application. Their Standard plan offers a 30-day free trial and charges £7.99 GBP per active employee per month. According to the Revolut People website, an enterprise version is also on the horizon, offering custom-tailored solutions.

Revolut People website:

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