Sthlm Fintech Week 2021

We are happy to announce that Challenger Insider will be a Media Partner at Sthlm Fintech Week and will be joining at this year's online conference on 9th - 10th of February.

Sthlm Fintech Week is an annual event bringing together thought-leaders to foster new connections and enhance collaboration. This year’s edition will be held online between 9–10th of February. During these days, ten different fintech verticals will be covered, dozens of world-class experts and hundreds of participants join forces online to network and share their experience and knowledge – for a stronger fintech community.


Tuesday 9th February 

Fintech Partnerships and Market consolidation - Opportunities 

2020 was an interesting year to say the least that caused challenges for most companies, as well as, unseen opportunities. Nordics has been long praised for their collaborative approach, thus we are raising a question if this was to the benefit or distress in these unprecedented times? With stalled funding, paused contracts and increased focus for core business only, will we see market consolidate?

Regtech – Governance and Risk 

The pandemic has seen a significant increase in WFH, how can Regtech help ensure proper governance and handling the changing and increased risks that this has meant for companies?

Lunch session – What do FI need to comply with before  summer 2021? 

As always, a new year in the financial sector comes with new regulatory changes. Some of the top legal advisers in Stockholm will give us an overview on what’s new on the regulation side in 2021. 

Core Banking Today 

The core banking system sits at the heart of major banks the world over. As it is a mission critical to financial institutions it is expected to adapt alongside, connect to API services, digital banking portals, and all manner of value-added services. How does core banking technology respond to digital transformation?

AI in Insurtech 

AI is slowly but steadily impacting tradition risk calculation models of insurance providers. Balancing between ensuring data protection and implementing new data points in a mostly outdated legacy system represent a blend of a challenge and an opportunity. This upcoming Insurtech track focuses on use cases of how Insurance companies developed AI strategies while sharing best and worst experiences to the ecosystem. AI change is happening; it’s just not evenly distributed yet. 

Decentralized Finance – The new operating system for financial services 

DeFi, standing for decentralized finance, is a rapidly growing alternative to the traditional financial world. Based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, DeFi removes the middlemen, increasing the potential of better returns and lower barriers to entry. It's largely automated, censorship resistant and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Learn more about the DeFi opportunities of 2021 and beyond. 

Wednesday 10th February 

Payment transformation 

Globally, across the industry, banks are implementing digital improvements to payments systems to enhance legacy rails. With instant and real-time payments as the new norm domestically, cross-border space is now catching up. However does it move fast enough for the pace of digital transformation?

Combating The Dark Side of Fintech 

Fraudsters have been able to work beyond borders and organisations quicker than we have learned to work together beyond historical silos. This year's sessions focus on different collaboration platforms that are helping to combat the 

Dark Side of Fintech both in Sweden and beyond. As it's being said, all of the knowledge is in our networks, so enforcing stronger cooperation between law enforcement compliance teams and trusted organisations will leverage what Sweden is best at: pragmatic collaboration to protect our users. Every day. 

Regtech – Compliance 

Regtech solutions have now been around for several years, have Regtech matured in coverage and the use of new tech, or is it still breaking new grounds and staying innovative?

Fraud and Cybersecurity 

The world has changed dramatically in 2020 with an increase in volumes in digital commerce and banking. With that, digital identity solutions continue to grow in popularity and offer numerous benefits. Thus the cyber threats are mounting. Who can defend our digital identity?

EU for Digital Finance 

In 2020, the European Commission launched the Digital Finance Package – strategies and regulations for the financial market in the EU considering the significant structural shift that is taking place in financial services. This track will take a closer look at how these changes will affect the fintech market in Sweden and the EU. Moreover, we will examine the broader challenges facing the fintech sector in Sweden. 

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