This stylish smart ring supports contactless payments

French designer Philippe Starck designed AEKLYS, a ring that can store all of your cards in your pocket on a wearable device. Ash nazg durbatulûk*.

We have already known that the Covid-19 pandemic boosts contactless payment methods. While we all use contactless cards more and use our smartphones for payments, a smooth and seamless payment experience takes us the next steps.

So, what's next? Wearables!

ICARE Technologies and a famous French designer Philippe Starck are announced Aeklys by Starck, the smart ring that connects users to environment like magic. More than a new connected device, Aeklys by Starck works in symbiosis with customer's body for an augmented humanity.

Patented unique technologies and to an ultra-ergonomic minimal design, Aeklys by Starck replaces payment cards, transportation tickets,  business card and othercontactless identification devices. Unlimited features constantly evolving to daily provide you augmented freedom and security.

Fabien Raiola, GM of ICARE Technologies

We wanted to work with Philippe Starck because he is a a visionary and timeless creator, whose creations are making History. We wanted to give to Aeklys a touch of elegance, of genious. And this is why we wanted no one but the best.

AEKLYS providing standalone app to customize the settings to your liking and remote control the ring. Users also able to connect their account and all the third party systems such as payment terminals, car, door lokcs etc. and the app contains a catolugue of features that can be added to the user's account by just a simple click.

ICARE Technologies have partnered with Mastercard ID Check and Visa Secure. This fancy products costs 249 € and before you order a this fancy ring, you should've install the app to find out your finger size for your new shiny ring.

Ash nazg durbatulûk* = One ring will rule them all. (Lord of the Rings)

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