World's first wooden debit card TreeCard

A wooden card aims to reduce plastic usage. Each card features a unique wood grain and is made from sustainably sourced cherry wood.

Berlin-based and eco-friendly web search engine Ecosia, preparing to launch a debit card. Ecosia donates 80% or more of its profits to nonprofit organizations that focus on reforestation and they will do the same for their wooden debit cards too. Ecosia introduced TreeCard, a free debit card that uses 80% of its profits to plant trees across Ecosia’s reforestation projects. TreeCard founded by four Londoners and its looks just like a another card-based startup but with different aim. Ecosia provided seed-funding for TreeCard and that investment will help plant moree trees.

Each TreeCard is unique, since the debit cards are made of sustainably sourced FSC cherry wood. TreeCard can produce more than 300.000 cards from a single tree. We can clearly say that this is significant move to reduce usage of plastic.

Also when you pay using your TreeCard, the merchant has to pay a small transaction fee which will support Ecosia's reforestation projects. Every $60 spent plants a tree. Now you can register to get a early access to TreeCard. Customers who register before December 1st, they'll receive a free wooden card as soon as TreeeCard launch. There are no hidden fees and card will support Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

TreeCard planning to ship cards in early 2021.

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