Garanti BBVA launches numberless credit card: Bonus Diji

Garanti BBVA launches Bonus Diji, a rewards credit card that is secure, as it does not include any numbers or CVC on it.

BBVA's Turkey arm BBVA Garanti customers can already apply for their new Bonus Diji card digitally and have it approved in a matter of minutes without the need for a physical signature. Once approved, customers will be able to start shopping immediately thanks to the built in QR and mobile payment features without having to wait to receive the physical card. Also, they will benefit from the rewards and promotions offered by Bonus, Garanti BBVA's reward program.

Supported by a solid technological infrastructure, the physical version of Bonus Diji does not include any visible number or code (i.e. credit card number, expiration date or cvv code) imprinted on the card’s surface Instead, this information is stored securely on BonusFlaş.

Murat Çağrı Süzer, Head of Payment Systems at Garanti BBVA

With Bonus Diji, we're providing an innovative solution to two key issues. Firstly, many customers are concerned about the possibility of having their credit card details inadvertently copied. However, with this new card, the problem disappears. “It does not include the credit card’s number, expiration date or CVV code, so nobody will be able to copy them. Customers can apply for and start using their credit card in a matter of minutes.

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